Travel and Starry Sky

It would be wonderful if the night sky you look up is covered with full stars. Unless there is a strong purpose to see stars, it is a coincidence for most people. After all, in order to see stars in the sky, you must meet a number of conditions.
The first is that the sky is dark enough away from city. Looking at the night photos taken by NASA satellites, you will realize that Japan is bright enough to clearly see its outline. People live everywhere and are covered in light. The only place that seems to be dark is probably only in the mountains. Second, the Moon has not appeared. No matter how far away you are from city, if the moon shines brightly, the light of dark stars will be lost. However, if the Moon is thinner than half, it will sink in the west sky after a while, so there is still a chance. Third, the weather. You can't see anything if it's really cloudy. It's just gambling because we don't know how the truth. Only after satisfying these three conditions can you meet a star full of stars.

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This is a mountain hot spring inn. Mountains approach both sides of the river that flows through the valley, and it is on a narrow land sandwiched between mountains on both sides. The Sun goes into the shadows of the mountain a little earlier than the sunset. It's summer, so it doesn't get too dark. After a few hours, the sky begins to turn red. Eventually it was night and almost no cars were on the nearby road. If I turn off the TV, you will find yourself in a tremendous silence. The room is a separated, so I have to go out to eat or go to the hot spring. I left the entrance of the room to go to the hot spring. Then I suddenly came into sight, the summer Milky Way crossed the bridge from mountain to mountain. Is it possible to see the Milky Way so clearly? I went to the riverside to look for a better view. On the downstream side, the mountain has a V-shape-valley, and it has a good view. The center of the Milky Way was just leaning west. There is also a shrine nearby, so I went by the lights of your smartphone, I could see the summer triangle shining on the old sheine. That was a good awesome. Tomorrow I decided to prepare my camera properly, but the next day it was cloudy. Since then, I have never seen a starry sky beyond that starry sky.

Starry sky and VR

The VR expression and the starry sky are very compatible. Projecting the starry sky in the upper half and the landscape on the lower half, you can ecperience the virtual space with fully 360 degrees in all directions.
Imagine actually looking at the starry sky. Unless you're very knowledgeable about stars and astronomy, most people don't keep an eye on anything else and look around in different directions at will. If you look directly above, look to the right, or look behind ... While you look around, you may be lucky to see a shooting star. This vague freedom of viewpoint is compatible with the virtual video space created by VR. The starry sky basically spreads out evenly, so you can look in any direction, and if you know the Milky Way and some constellation's shapes (such as the summer triangle, the Big Dipper, the Orion, etc.) , it's good to trace them in your imagination. With a 3D VR, you can experience the landscape in the foreground and the starry sky extending to infinity as a space with depth.
A place you've been to before, a place you want to go to someday, a place that intrigues where you are ... Watching the shining starry sky on various landscapes with VR, and then going there and feeling real culture and real starry sky.

Starry Lake Tekapo

New Zealand

Tekapo is a town of the starry sky. High altitude and clear air make the starry sky shine even more. Nothing blocks the sky. As the sun sets and darkens, it is filled with stars.
Scorpio rises to the sky, and constellations that cannot be seen from Japan appear the night sky.

Mt.Fuji over the Nightscape

Numazu, Shizuoka, Japan

Mt.Fuji seen from the summit of Mt.Daruma is very beautiful. Mt. Daruma is a mountain on the Izu Peninsula, with a good sense of distance from Mt. Fuji.
The sun sets in the west and the full moon rises in the east. As it darkens, the lights spread over the city along Suruga Bay. As it gets darker, the snow-covered Mt. Fuji reflects the light of the full moon and emerges.

Red Moon and Emerald-Color-Water

Minami-Osumi, Kagoshima

The dynamic terrain that suddenly appears and the stunning waterfall. Water is dripping from all over the quay covered with columnar joints. The water gathers to create a huge world of emerald blue water.