《Starscape Journey 2 : Summer and Ocean》

This is an unexplored region somewhere in Japan. The sound of the waves of the sea echoes constantly. Normally, the city lights are far away, and when the night comes, the place is covered with jet-black darkness. But today, the moon is shining brightly. Thanks to the bright moon, the landscape on the ground emerged clearly even in the darkness of the night. And the sky full of stars spreads in the ultramarine sky.
Is this place surrounded by this strange rock really a landscape of this world? The scenery is like a paradise.
It is quite difficult to express the appearance of the sea in one word. From the rugged shores that constantly hit the waves to the calm beaches like lakes, the situation changes from moment to moment depending on the location and time. And this clear water and the calm sea without waves are the quiet beaches of the southern island. Relaxing time will flow.
The edges of the huge rocks gradually brightened and the moon came out ... The season is summer. It is the beginning of a journey through the fantastic scenery in the moonlight. Let's go on a trip!

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Entrance to the Spirit World

Sunset over the shallow sea

Bungotakada City, Oita Prefecture, Matama Beach

As the sun approaches the horizon, the tide gradually rises. Creatures living on the beach in the shallow water felt the fullness of the tide and made a bubble wrap. This shallow sea is a place where you can see a magnificent view of the setting sun, which is selected as one of the 100 best sunsets in Japan. The shallow, flat sandy plains of the seabed left a swelling pattern in time with the waves, but they hid under the tide that was rising from the offshore. From offshore to the beach, it disappears under the sea one after another from the dented place. When you feel that the tide is full of appearance, the beach turns into the sea at once. I can see the starry sky well tonight.

There is an entrance to the spirit world

Sai Village, Aomori Prefecture, Hotokegaura

This strange landscape is a land that has long been closed to the outside world and could not even be easily approached. The white-green tuff that spreads throughout the area was ejected during the eruption of a submarine volcano 15 million years ago, and is part of the green tough that is widely distributed from Tohoku to Hokkaido. However, the green tough in this place was exposed to the erosion of rain, wind and waves, creating a strange and peculiar landscape that cannot be seen anywhere else. The shapes of all the rocks that can be seen are strange, and it makes me wonder if they are really natural. Keigetsu Omachi, a literary and traveller, said in Japanese poems, "God's work, demon's handmade Buddha, Uda, a place that is not in the world of humans," as if it were the work of a god or a demon. I have left a poem. Each characteristic rock is also named. The names are similar to those of Gokuraku Jodo, such as "Nyorai no Neck," "500 Rakan," and "Gokurakuhama." Among them, "Horaiyama" is a rock wall with a series of sharp triangular tips. I notice that there is something like an eye in the center of the triangle in the center. Is that the engraving of the "Eye of Providence," which is considered to be the eye of the omnipotent and omnipotent god ... or is it a proof of the sculpture created overnight by the legendary giant Cyclopes? In any case, it is a strange place that makes you want to connect with ancient legends in a scene that does not seem to be a human work or a natural work.

Columnar joints

Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture Nanatsugama

This landscape, which looks like a hexagonal tile, is a technique that can be achieved by a geological phenomenon called columnar joints. When basaltic lava cools and hardens, hexagonal cracks form and develop vertically. When it is eroded over many years, it creates a landscape with a series of hexagonal columns and a landscape with hexagonal tiles. In particular, this place is even stranger. The rushing waves eroded the quay, creating a number of caves. The state of the cave can only be seen from the sea on a boat. The landscape created by nature over a long period of time will continue to change over a long period of time. I don't know what will happen in 10 million years.

Island to rigging with cats

Kumamoto Prefecture Kamiamakusa City Yushima

This island is a small island that is said to have more cats than humans. Around the harbor on this island, which is also a fishing village, cats are spending time relaxing in the sun. There is a narrow road around the island, which is perfect for a leisurely walk. There are cats only near the village around the harbor, not on the other side of the island.
This island was also called "Dangojima". The area has been persecuted and severely deprived of faith during the Edo period. It is said that the leaders of the area gathered on this island to secretly set up a battle and devised a strategy to oppose them. From the back of the island, you can see the ruins of the castle, which was the last fort of the battle, on the opposite bank. The sea of ​​the island in the inland sea is calm, and the waves are gently rushing. And now it's a peaceful and quiet island where cats talk to each other.

God's Advent

The island where the ancient god descended

Kudaka Island, Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture

This island is a small island in the southern sea surrounded by coral reefs. It may be a miracle that the island's long-standing lifestyle, beliefs and culture have been preserved without undergoing resort development despite being an island not far from the main island. There is a village near the harbor and people live there. A little off the road, it turns into an old-fashioned road that isn't paved with asphalt. It is a road covered with vegetation that is typical of a southern island. Because it is a long and narrow island, a straight road extends to the tip of the island. The beach continues along the road. There are many places that are considered to be sacred places of worship and have barriers that deny the invasion of people. Although it is a belief that has been passed down since ancient times, it still cannot resist the passage of time, and the traditional rituals have ceased at the end about 40 years ago. However, the spirit of faith is not lost, and he hopes that he will wait until the day when he can resume.
As you can see from the pictures of artificial satellites, the island is surrounded by coral. Therefore, most of the beaches of the island are calm seas without the intense waves of the open ocean. The moonlight is reflected by the small waves and it is beautiful and glittering.
There is a cape at the end of the straight road. Perhaps because it looks like an uphill, you can't see the sea beyond that until you reach the end of the road. It's more like going to the sky than going to the sea. Only the sea extends beyond the cape. The sea here is hit by some rough waves. The rocks eroded by the waves are also steep. Looking back, the road I came to is straight. It is a landscape suitable for the legend that "ancient gods descended from heaven here and began to build a country."

An island that can be crossed by a bridge

Okinawa Prefecture Nakijin Village Kouri Island

Even though it is a remote island, a considerable number of islands are connected by bridges from the main island, and it is becoming possible to come and go freely. This is also one of those islands. There is a small beach on the edge of the island. It is a small beach with two strange rocks. It seems that when you stand in a certain place, two rocks overlap and a heart-shaped cavity appears in the gap. It has become a major tourist attraction since this beach appeared in commercials before. There is also a large parking lot nearby. Once the time crowded with tourists has passed, a quiet space with only the sound of waves will return.

An island that cannot be crossed by a bridge

Okinawa Prefecture Tarama Village Tarama Island

This island cannot be crossed by a bridge. A remote island that cannot even be reached directly from a major airport (port), whether by plane or ferry. Coral reefs surround the round, flat island. Therefore, the waves on the beach are calm and the transparency is extremely high. It's not a very small island, so there are buses running around the island. However, the number of inns and shops is extremely small, probably because there are very few visitors for sightseeing. Only the leisurely time of the island flows.
As I was walking along the island road, I found a beautiful beach. When I went down to the beach, I found coral fragments scattered in the sand. Fragments are rolling and making a rattling noise in the rushing waves. The sea is just north. You can see the North Star without having to look up from the horizon. When I see the North Star in the lower part, I realize that I have come a long way to the south.