《Starscape Journey 3 : God of Water》

This is an unexplored region somewhere in Japan. You can hear the roaring sound from the depths of the mountain. As I walked along the beast road with a map in my hand, a wonderful waterfall appeared. As you approach, splashes of water rise from the basin and are full of negative ions. When I look up, I can see the sky as if there was a hole just above the basin.
This is a waterfall in the mountains, autumn is nearing the end, and it's about to start snowing ... Today is just the full moon. The moon illuminates the woods brightly. However, the forest that emerges in the moonlight is the world of shadow puppets. It's as if you've lost yourself in a world that has lost its color. And, above the forest with only branches where the leaves have fallen, a larger sky than usual spreads out. What kind of scenery would it be if we could see the stars in the sky ... It was the beginning of a journey through waterfalls and the starry sky. Let's go on a trip!

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Red Moon and Emerald-Color-Water

Moonlit night silhouette

Hokkaido Ashoro Town, Shirafuji Waterfall

Autumn is nearing the end, and it's time for snow to begin to pile up. In the mountains of the northern land. When you go off the road and go through the woods, you can hear the sound of a waterfall. The leaves fall completely from the branches of the tree, and the exposed branches emerge like a shadow picture in the moonlit sky. The decayed and fallen trees and the waterfall that looks like a monochrome can be seen at the end of the muddy road. Even if I look around, there is no color there, and it seems that I got lost in the monochrome world in the white shining moon. As the waterfall roars and watches as it flows from top to bottom, it gives the illusion that time is in an infinite loop. Deep darkness was approaching from the depths of the forest.

Red moon and emerald water

Ogawa Waterfall, Minamiosumi Town, Kagoshima Prefecture

It seems that this magnificent waterfall was not well known until recently. A hole that looks like a hollow in the ground suddenly appears, and underground water becomes spring water and drips from the gap between the columnar joints on the side wall. I don't feel that each underground water releases so much water, but when it comes to a width of 60 meters, the total amount will be enormous. Under the waterfall, there is a large puddle rather than a basin, and when the sun shines, the color shines in emerald green.

The surface of the water

Yabakei, Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture

Here you can see the scenery that the water flow has carved out over many years. Each of the Kyoho and strange rocks in a row is named. There is a tunnel that goes through this huge rock. It seems that the beginning was more than 250 years ago. Originally, the roads around here were only chained with cliffs, and there were no end to fall accidents. It is said that the monk who visited this place lamented and dug himself with only a flea and a mallet. After about 30 years, the cave was completed, and since then it has become possible to travel safely. Currently, it has been expanded as a general road, but some of it remains behind old fleas.

The land of Tenson Korin

Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture Kirishima Shinsuikyo

Early in the morning, the area is covered in fog. I should have been able to see the blue sky just a while ago, but it was in the fog all at once. Long ago, the gods may have looked down on the same scenery from the heavenly world.
This area is a volcanic belt that has been active since prehistoric times. Hot springs spring up, and rivers and waterfalls run endlessly like cutting complicated terrain. Among them, this is a canyon named "God". Water that flows out from all over the upstream gathers and flows with a roaring sound. Looking up at the canyon, you can see columnar joints. The scene is as if countless hexagonal rock pillars were hanging from heaven.

Waterfall in the mountains

Bengataki Waterfall, Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture

I feel that many waterfalls are not easily accessible to compliments. You have to be prepared to climb some mountains and push through the grass. This waterfall is also far from the city and in the mountains. Climb the mountain forest road and arrive at the entrance. At the entrance is a "bear caution" sign. There were benches and tables near the entrance, and it seemed to be in good condition, but when I went a little further, the grass gradually grew. If you do your best, a big rock is rolling around this time. There is no choice but to proceed while feeling something like a recommended route. There was a place where a ladder was leaning against it so that it was easy to climb on the way, but it was brilliantly blocked by a fallen tree. There is no choice but to take a detour route. And it is this waterfall that climbs up a large rock to reach it.

Oriental Niagara

Oriental Niagara

Harajiri Falls, Bungoono City, Oita Prefecture

This waterfall suddenly appears like a pit on the flat land where the rice fields spread. It is a terrain that suddenly collapses 20 meters over a width of 120 meters. Water falls freely one after another from the edge of the flat ground that suddenly ended. The biggest attraction of this waterfall is that you can experience the power of the waterfall as close as possible. You can feel the water flowing down up close, but the amount of water and the roaring sound are considerable, and it is quite scary. When you go down to the basin side, the wall of the waterfall spreads out like a panorama in front of you. Geologically, it seems that this is also a topography with columnar joints.

A waterfall where you can see the back of the waterfall

Ryuzuga Falls, Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture

I think that waterfalls are often associated with falling down rocks, but this waterfall is a little different. The rocky area on the other side of the waterfall is open like a cave, and you can enter it. It's unexpectedly large, and it's a little dome-shaped space. The waterfall curtain sways in front of me, making a rumbling noise. It's fine on a calm day without wind, but it definitely gets soaked depending on the direction of the wind.
The head is 40 meters. It is a beautiful waterfall surrounded by trees.

Waterfall that is flooding due to heavy rain

Unoko Falls, Gokase Town, Miyazaki Prefecture

The waterfall is in the middle of the river, so if it rains heavily in the upper reaches, the amount of water in the waterfall will increase. At this time, it was in such a state. When I actually arrived, it was quite different from the scenery I had checked online in advance. A tremendous amount of water falls into the basin as if slamming with a roaring sound. Originally, it had a more river-like atmosphere, and it felt like you could go down to the riverbank of the basin or go around to the vicinity of the waterfall. At this time, the whole area is under water. Perhaps the water volume had increased by about 1 meter. The diameter of the basin is about 100 meters, and there is information that it is the largest basin in Japan ... Because the water overflows there, it looks like a little lake.

A waterfall that was said to be the best in Chinzei

Nishi Shiiya Falls, Kusu Town, Oita Prefecture

It is a famous waterfall with a head of 86 meters, which has been selected as one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan. The appearance of falling while hitting a cliff can be seen even from a distance. Today, a dam has been built directly above the waterfall, and it is said that its former magnificent appearance has been lost. I can't imagine how magnificent it was.

Scenery of mountains on the surface of the lake

Lake Tanuki, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Its magnificent stratovolcano is 3776 meters. Even if the sun sets on the west horizon, it seems that the sun's rays still reach the top of the mountain due to the difference in altitude. The snow on the top of the mountain feels even brighter. And the gentle wind slightly ruffles the surface of the lake, and the mirrored mountain is swaying on the surface of the lake. The first quarter moon in the southeastern sky. The night will come again.