《Starscape Journey 4 : Country Side》

This is an unexplored region somewhere in Japan. Clean water and a refreshing breeze moisturize both nature and rice. Even though it is surrounded by mountains, there are only low mountains that have no name. The lush rice fields are laid out in a long, narrow valley between these mountains. There was a landscape where the expression "satoyama" was just right.
Eventually the night will come and the moon will illuminate the satoyama instead of the sun. The color feels deeper blue and shining green than in the daytime. Satoyama surrounded by silence without wind. Looking up, the stars in the sky are shining in the sky partitioned by the ridge of the mountain.
It is the beginning of a journey around the starry sky of Satoyama and the original scenery of Japan. Let's go on a trip!

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Firefly Night

Remaining snow

Yokohama City, Kita Kanagawa Prefecture

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and on the day when April is approaching, it rarely snows. It is called the residual snow. It feels like it's not so rare. At night, the snow clouds were gone and the sky was clear. Still, pieces of snow that flew on the wind sometimes fell. The appearance of cherry blossom petals scattered in it is a complex moment where the end of winter, the beginning of spring, and the end of cherry blossoms mix.

Early summer with paddy water

Matsuzaki Town, Shizuoka Prefecture

After scraping, the rice was ready for planting and filled with water. Small rice fields fill the valleys that fall toward the sea. Yes, this is a rice terrace. The surface of the rice fields that have just been filled with water is calm, reflecting the sky like a mirror, and the scenery of the satoyama in early summer waiting for the rice planting to begin.

The rainy season

Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture

Satoyama does not mean a rural landscape with fields. There are also places where the environment where various wild animals and plants inhabit is set as a satoyama. This is also a wetland called "Satoyama" for that reason. The area is overgrown with reeds, and rather, a wooden path is set up to crawl underneath. Diverse creatures ... especially many insects. Huge spider webs stretched across the wooden path appear one after another like Fengyun Takeshi Castle. For those who dislike insects, it may be a strong barrier.


Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture

There is a small mountain village beside such a remote wetland. Human life and the ecosystem of wild animals and plants coexist, and it is just right to call it a "satoyama". A wooden path is also built here to minimize the impact on the natural environment. You can hear various sounds such as the sound of leaves rubbing against the wind, the sounds of insects and small animals, and the sounds of beasts echoing in the mountains somewhere far away.

Summer night waterside

Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture

There are also places where the once abandoned area is rediscovered and protected. Because it was abandoned by humans, it became a paradise for flora and fauna, and the environment returned to nature within decades. And it was a treasure trove of rare animals and plants. The power of nature is tremendous.

The Countryside

Rice Terraces

Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture

This is a terraced rice field where small paddy fields of various shapes are lined up on the slope that falls toward the Sea of ​​Japan. It is often called Senmaida, but it seems that there are actually about 2000. Just about a month before harvesting rice, on the last day of summer, the dripping rice ears are bathing in the setting sun. The waves are calm, and it's almost time for the sun to hide in the horizon.

The wisdom of Magaki

Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture

Winter on the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan is harsh. The days when the strong north wind blows through constantly and violently continue. In order to protect the house from the wind, thin bamboo was bundled and a wall-like wall was created. The height may be 3 meters, or even 5 meters. After all, it is high enough to reach the roof to protect the house. This fence is useful for wind and snow in winter, In the summer, it is an excellent wisdom of life that creates a moderate shade and also serves as a summer retreat.

Satoyama countryside

Noto Town, Ishikawa Prefecture /Himi City, Toyama Prefecture

Satoyama is the most relaxing landscape with rice fields. For some reason, the scenery of the rice ears dripping and swaying in the breeze calms the Japanese mind. At night, half the moon is rising from the east. Half a month later, rice harvesting will begin.


Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture

The large thatched-roof village is designated as a World Cultural Heritage Site. It has a well-thought-out structure for spending a long winter in heavy snowfall areas. Since the roof is steep, it does not pile up even if it snows, and it slides down, so there is less trouble in removing the snow. In addition, thanks to the raised roof, a large space can be secured on the second and third floors, which correspond to the attic. This place was used for storage or for sericulture. It's almost late autumn, and it's about time for the first snow to fall. It is the color of the sky that makes you feel the arrival of winter.