Travel and Fireworks

Fireworks are affected by the weather as much as the starry sky. The big difference is that it can be launched in cloudy or light rain, and in most cases it will be fun. However, depending on the direction and strength of the wind, it seems that even if the smoke does not look good or the risk cannot be avoided, it may even be canceled.

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The rainy season is over, but I can't be careful. It's really fine and the wind is good, and it's not clear until that day if it's a fireworks weather. This fireworks is also a big fireworks event and one of the most popular and well-known. Apparently, reservations for accommodation nearby are likely to be filled up quite a while ago. I can't help but stay at a little far away business hotel. Still there were only a few rooms left. And at this location, it is at a level that hesitates for a moment at this price. You should be able to stay in this one-third during normal season. I feel that fireworks festivals are often held in the countryside as the size of the fireworks display increases. In fact, a "security distance" must be set and secured in terms of operational safety, and the larger the fireworks are raised, the greater the physical distance. Therefore, the bigger and more flashy the fireworks, the larger the space required for its security distance. This fireworks is also held on the riverbed of a large river. The city itself is reasonably large, but the river runs a bit in the suburbs, so there is plenty of space to fire up oversized fireworks.
However, this "slightly suburban" is awkward. It's quite far to walk from the nearest station. It takes less than an hour by train from this hotel to the launch station. After arriving at the station, I feel like walking for about 20-30 minutes to the riverbed of the launch site. I don't want to walk too much during this midsummer. But I found there is a route bus in parallel with the train. And I could find a bus stop just at the bridge near the launch site. If it takes less than one hour by train, it takes more than one hour by bus, so enjoy the scenery from the bus slowly. Today is sunny. Even at night, it is a sunny forecast and a wonderful fireworks.
After swaying a lot, I arrived at the bus stop right near the venue. This big bridge over a big river seems to be closed in two hours. The status of the launch site can be seen from the railing of the bridge, but it seems that not many people have come yet. Still, there are many stalls on the street. When the entrance pass was lifted from the neck and entered the riverbed at the launch site, the riverbed was wider than expected on the map. The sun is still high and there is still time to sunset. I have nothing to do, so I decided to take a nap and wait.
Finally, the Sun set far below the horizon, and the sky became dark. It is a clear sky with no clouds. Approximately 30 minutes after the sunset, three pure white fireworks displayed in the twilight sky where the blue still remains. This was the beginning of the fireworks show.

Fireworks and VR

Fireworks and VR video expression also seem to be compatible. In recent fireworks festivals, there has been an increase in fireworks titled "Star Mine", which is a combination of fireworks and music. Some fireworks are several hundred meters long and are launched from multiple locations at the same time. In such cases, the apparent spread of the fireworks can reach 120-150 degrees. At this angle, it cannot be accommodated with a normal wide-angle lens, and there is a high possibility that even a super-wide-angle lens can be cut off. On the other hand, using VR-type lens equipment, you can capture everything even when it is fully spread.
In addition, I believe that the fireworks themselves are a space production that allows each viewer (audience) to relatively leave the judgment of “where to look” to each viewer. People who want to see the right, people who want to see the left, people who want to see the top, and the freedom to select the desired direction at the desired timing are similar to those of VR. Inviting a virtual fireworks experience to a more realistic environment is now becoming possible.
The biggest advantage of ordinary TV images (flat images) is that the high-resolution 4K8K viewing environment has become widespread. In addition, various kinds of lenses can be used when shooting, and there is an advantage that extremely detailed fireworks can be shown due to image effects such as HDR, But the point of viewer, they have to keep staring at the TV screen.
On the other hand, in the case of VR, even if it is 8K, it records 360-degree video, so the resolution of the obtained video is inferior to that of flat video for TV. However VR can give the freedom of enjoying to the viewer. That is the biggest advantage of VR video. You can sit down and watch, or lie down and lie on your back. You can enjoy it in any posture or place you want. With a 3D VR, the depth in the space is also exhibited, and you can experience the depth and three-dimensional effect of the fireworks spreading in the night sky.
We hope that you can enjoy both "high-definition planar images" and "spatial 3D VR" as a fireworks image experience.