About license

It is a paid service that provides a license to use VR video content. Please note that these licenses are not intended for individual viewing or use at home.

Why license

The first purpose is to thoroughly manage the license of VR video content and create a mechanism to use VR video in a more fair state with each other.
In addition to being able to provide high quality images that are faithful to the original, we can also use 8K images ahead of the current mainstream 4K size. Furthermore, it will be possible to handle data with an eye on the next and next generations such as 12K and 16K.
We are confident that these ultra-high resolution video data will provide the next generation of video experience and will be useful for research and development of new devices and distribution platforms.

License type

  • 1 year purchase license(4K-16K)

    We will provide the complete package data output with the recommended specifications. We also support output with your desired specifications. (Additional costs will be incurred depending on the specifications) When providing video data, please prepare and submit some documents (application form, consent form, contract, etc.). In addition, the license approval mark and expiration date will be placed in an inconspicuous place at the bottom of the video.
    It can be used for the following purposes.

    • Use at events and screenings planned and operated by your company.
    • Use in a distribution system planned and operated by your company.
    • Use for research and development of systems and devices, or for their business activities (including exhibitions and trade fairs).
    • We will also consider a proposal-type contract. Please contact us for details.

    It cannot be used for the following purposes.

    • This is not a exclusive contract for video data .
    • Transfer, lend, resell, or sublicense the right to use video data to a third party.
    • Selling the video data itself as a product. (However, please contact us if copy control is applied and sufficient measures are taken.)
    • To capture and use part or all of the video data as material, and to distribute it.

Target of license transaction

  • Companies in Japan.
  • A corporation with a business base in Japan.
  • Please contact us if you are an overseas corporation that does not have a business base in Japan.
  • Individuals who are not businesses are not eligible for transactions.

List of licensed contents

Resolution Type Audio Duration License
4K 8K 12K 16K 2D 3D

Whisper of the Seashore

      2ch 10:00 

Starscape Journey 1

      2ch 10:00 

Starscape Journey 2

      2ch 10:00 

Starscape Journey 3

      2ch 10:00 

Starscape Journey 4

      2ch 10:00 

New Zealand

Best:7680x3840 over
      2ch 6:07 


Best:7680x3840 over
      2ch 7:00 

Starlight Night

      2ch 4:26 

Moonlight Night

      2ch 7:17 


      2ch 10:00 

Ideal recommended specifications.
It is not a recommended specification, but it can be fully used.
It is technically possible, but it is a deprecated specification.
It is a non-compliant specification.
16K(3D):Max16384x16384(top-bottom, serial images)