VR landscape video library

We've recorded VR landscape images while traveling around Japan. As a result, it has become possible to line up a considerable number of scenes and conditions. Especially after 2020, all social environments are expected to change in the new social style. Freedom of movement and infrastructure are still guaranteed now, so most places are easily reachable if you feel like it. However, we have to feel that there is a high possibility that the guarantee will gradually disappear in the future.

There are landscapes that have been passed down for hundreds of years and have not changed, but we do not know the future. There may be landscapes that change or are lost. Please take a look at the scenery that can only be seen now (maybe) with 8K VR video.

Why distributing royalty-free

Various landscapes are recorded for the purpose of "securing VR landscape materials that are easy to process". In other words, in order to make it easier to process and modify, many videos are recorded aiming for as flat and neutral conditions as possible. Therefore, when it comes to video alone, there are many things that are not photogenic. However, by processing and synthesizing with After Effects and other software, the data is easy to finish in the image according to the purpose and scene.

The target recording time is about 120 seconds, but there are some scenes that are shorter depending on the shooting environment. On the contrary, there are also long scenes.
In addition, in order to increase the added value as a video material, we try not to include artificial objects that obstruct people or landscapes in the video. There were very rare scenes that could not be avoided, but it can be eliminated without problems by video composition processing. However, if it is difficult for the photographer to move far away from the equipment to ensure the safety of the equipment, or if there is no place to hide in the shooting environment, a scene in which the photographer is reflected rarely occurs. Even in that case, it can be removed by video composition processing.
(Removable means that there is interpolated data of images and stills necessary to erase unnecessary things.)

Please look for VR video materials that are close to your image, such as location, scene, season, and time of day. We will provide it as a royalty-free material that can be used freely.

For example, it can be used for this purpose.

  • Background image of virtual content.
  • Production of VR video content.
  • Video experience in web content.
  • Production of Dome Master (video for planetarium).
  • Trimmed as a normal TV material.

It cannot be used for the following purposes.

  • This is not a exclusive contract for video data .
  • Transfer, lend, resell, or sublicense the right to use video data to a third party.
  • Treat as if you shot it yourself.
  • Selling unprocessed video data as a product.

About video specifications

The shooting uses Obsidian-R made by Kandao. By stitching with the software provided by the company, the maximum resolution is 7680x7680 / TopBottom / 30p. In addition, audio (environmental sound) is also recorded in the video data of the equipment, but there are more wind noise and noise, so that it is rarely used as a sound source material.

Due to the fact that the equipment is mounted on a tripod for shooting, the tripod is reflected in the area directly below. If you are worried about it, we recommend that you place a logo etc.

Images on Youtube are uploaded with the specifications of 7680x7680 h264 120Mbps 30p (silence). Some of the images have been color-corrected using a LUT (Lookup Table).

About the video with the note "Shooting by the old method"

It is based on materials taken parallax with two cameras prior to the introduction of Obsidian-R. Please contact us for details.

Types and prices of video materials provided

Type Specification Price
Raw data
  • Video data (.mov) recorded with Obsidian-R
  • Still data recorded with Obsidian-R (.jpg .dng)
Obsidian-R has lenses in 6 directions, so each scene consists of 6 data files. These files are stitching software provided free of charge by Kandao Kandao Studio. By using this software, you can easily convert to VR format data.
In addition, resolution, codec, 2D / 3D, etc. can be set arbitrarily on this software, it is possible to make adjustments according to the intended use until you are satisfied.
Since customers are required to perform these stitching operations themselves, some knowledge of VR video specifications and a PC environment are required. Anyway, it's for creators.

Please use Kandao Studio ver2.7

Stitched data
  • Stitched VR video data
We will stitch the recorded video data and deliver it as completely packaged as VR video material.
We will output according to your desired video specifications. But additional costs will be incurred depending on the video scale and specifications.
Youtube data
  • 1 minute video material created for Youtube
  • Specifications: 7680x7680, TopBottom, h264, 120Mbps, 30p, 60 seconds (silence)
There is a watermark in the Youtube video, but we will provide the original video data with it removed. The time to delivery is the shortest.

VR landscape video material library list






Time Zone

No. Prefectures Location Landscape Weather Date Time(sec) Features Show Youtube
1ChibaTone Riv.RiverFine16 hour in Jun300StableSample
2KumamotoDangou IslandOceanClear15 hour in Jul100StableSample
3KumamotoSengen ViewpointLandscapeFine18 hour in Jul70StableSample
4YamanashiFujigawa Riv.RiverFine18 hour in Aug180Dimming due to twilightSample
5AomoriHotokegauraLocksClear11 hour in Sep120StableSample
6AomoriHotokegauraLocksClear12 hour in Sep70StableSample
7ShimaneRyuzu WaterfallWaterfallSunny09 hour in Oct130StableSample
8ShizuokaLake TanukiMt.FujiCloudy15 hour in Oct70StableSample
9ShizuokaAsagiri PlateauMt.FujiClear09 hour in Nov70StableSample
10KochiKamegamoriMountainFine17 hour in Nov150Dimming due to twilightSample
11YamanashiLake KawaguchiMt.FujiClear14 hour in Nov120StableSample
12ShizuokaLake TanukiMt.FujiClear16 hour in Nov90StableSample
13ShizuokaLake TanukiMt.FujiClear16 hour in Nov600Dimming due to sunsetSample
14KochiOtonashiShrineCloudy13 hour in Nov80StableSample
15KochiCape MurotoOceanCloudy11 hour in Nov120StableSample
16KochiHakusan CaveLocksCloudy13 hour in Nov120StableSample
17KochiHakusan CaveLocksCloudy13 hour in Nov100StableSample
18KochiStone HengeRemainsCloudy14 hour in Nov90StableSample
19KochiMt.DaidoLandscapeCloudy17 hour in Nov90Pretty darkSample
20EhimeCape KomoLandscapeCloudy11 hour in Nov90StableSample
21EhimeKarstMountainCloudy12 hour in Nov450Poor VisibilitySample
22SagaNanatsugamaOceanFine16 hour in Dec300StableSample
23OkinawaHeart LockOceanSunny09 hour in Jan150StableSample
24OkinawaKudaka IslandOceanFine11 hour in Jan160Increase / decrease light by cloudsSample
25OkinawaKudaka IslandOceanFine12 hour in Jan150Increase / decrease light by cloudsSample
26KanagawaForestCherryClear17 hour in Mar120StableSample
27KanagawaForestCherrySnowy15 hour in Mar120StableSample
28KanagawaForestForestCloudy15 hour in May130StableSample
29HokkaidoSyakubetsu HillLandscapeCloudy12 hour in May130Strong WindSample
30HokkaidoOtobe CoastOceanSunny13 hour in May100StableSample
31HokkaidoShirahuji WaterfallWaterfallCloudy12 hour in May130StableSample
32HokkaidoOnnetoLakeClear12 hour in May90StableSample
33HokkaidoGrass FieldGrasslandSunny15 hour in May100StableSample
34HokkaidoCape KiritappuOceanSunny16 hour in May100Strong WindSample
35HokkaidoKiritappuMarshlandCloudy09 hour in May130StableSample
36HokkaidoCape NamidaCliffCloudy10 hour in May90StableSample
37HokkaidoCape NamidaCliffCloudy11 hour in May100StableSample
38HokkaidoCape NamidaGrasslandCloudy11 hour in May120StableSample
39HokkaidoCape ShirebamiGrasslandCloudy14 hour in May120StableSample
40ShizuokaSengen ViewpointCliffClear14 hour in May120StableSample
41ShizuokaRace TerracesRace TerracesClear15 hour in May120StableSample
42ShizuokaNshina PassLandscapeFine08 hour in May120Increase / decrease light by cloudsSample
43FukuiBenga WaterfallWaterfallCloudy06 hour in Jun120StableSample
44FukuiIkegaharaMarshlandCloudy08 hour in Jun120StableSample
45FukuiHindan WaterfallWaterfallClear14 hour in Jun120StableSample
46FukuiIkekawachiMarshlandSunny18 hour in Jun120StableSample
47MiyazakiRuinsFlowersCloudy14 hour in Jul120StableSample
48MiyazakiHihayatoCountry SideClear08 hour in Jul120StableSample
49MiyazakiUnokono WaterfallWaterfallCloudy13 hour in Jul90StableSample
50OitaHarajiri WaterfallWaterfallFine18 hour in Jul180Dimming due to sunsetSample
51OitaChida RuinsRemainsSunny07 hour in Jul120StableSample
52MiyazakiEdaMarshlandClear12 hour in Jul120StableSample
53MiyazakiUmagaseCliffClear13 hour in Jul100StableSample
54KagoshimaKirishima ValleyValleyCloudy08 hour in Jul120StableSample
55KagoshimaSenjyoujikiValleyClear11 hour in Jul120StableSample
56IshikawaNotoCountry SideFine18 hour in Aug120StableSample
57IshikawaHegura IslandOceanClear11 hour in Aug140StableSample
58IshikawaHegura IslandPoundClear11 hour in Aug120StableSample
59IshikawaHegura IslandRaodClear13 hour in Aug180StableSample
60IshikawaRace TerracesRace TerracesClear17 hour in Aug120StableSample
61IshikawaRace TerracesRace TerracesClear18 hour in Aug120StableSample
62IshikawaRace TerracesRace TerracesClear18 hour in Aug300StableSample
63IshikawaMagakiCountry SideClear10 hour in Aug120StableSample
64IshikawaMonzenCliffClear11 hour in Aug120StableSample
65IshikawaNotoCliffClear13 hour in Aug120StableSample
66ToyamaRice TerracesRace TerracesCloudy13 hour in Sep90StableSample
67ToyamaGassho-zukuriVillageFine17 hour in Sep120StableSample
68HokkaidoLake YutoLakeSunny11 hour in Oct120StableSample
69HokkaidoSyakubetsu HillLandscapeClear14 hour in Oct120StableSample
70HokkaidoCape ShirebamiGrasslandClear08 hour in Oct130StableSample
71HokkaidoCape ShirebamiGrasslandClear09 hour in Oct120StableSample
72HokkaidoCape NamidaCliffFine11 hour in Oct120Increase / decrease light by cloudsSample
73HokkaidoSyunkunitaiLakeClear09 hour in Oct120StableSample
74HokkaidoLake FurenLakeClear11 hour in Oct120StableSample
75HokkaidoMt.IouVolcanoCloudy07 hour in Oct120StableSample
76HokkaidoLake MashuLakeCloudy07 hour in Oct60StableSample
77OkinawaHatoma IslandRaodFine10 hour in Oct100Increase / decrease light by cloudsSample
78OkinawaHatoma IslandOceanSunny10 hour in Oct120StableSample
79OkinawaHatoma IslandOceanSunny11 hour in Oct120WindySample
80OkinawaHatoma IslandRemainsFine12 hour in Oct120Increase / decrease light by cloudsSample
81OkinawaHatoma IslandOceanSunny12 hour in Oct120WindySample
82OkinawaHatoma IslandRaodSunny14 hour in Oct120StableSample
83OkinawaIriomote IslandOceanClear11 hour in Oct130StableSample
84OkinawaIriomote IslandOceanClear11 hour in Oct140StableSample
85NaraOdaigaharaRaodCloudy08 hour in Nov80Increase / decrease light by cloudsSample
86NaraOdaigaharaMountainFine10 hour in Nov460Increase / decrease light by cloudsSample
87NaraOdaigaharaLandscapeFine12 hour in Nov300Increase / decrease light by cloudsSample
88NaraRuinsAutumCloudy15 hour in Nov120StableSample
89WakayamaOishi PlateauGrasslandSunny12 hour in Nov130StableSample
90WakayamaOishi PlateauGrasslandSunny12 hour in Nov120StableSample
91ShimaneKaraotoLocksSunny12 hour in Nov120StableSample
92ShimaneKaraotoFlowersFine13 hour in Nov110Increase / decrease light by cloudsSample
93ShimaneDangyo ValleyValleyClear11 hour in Nov130StableSample
94ShimaneIwamiAutumSunny13 hour in Nov120StableSample
95OitaKamezuka KofunRemainsFine18 hour in Jun180Dimming due to sunsetSample
96OitaRail RuinsRemainsSunny09 hour in Jun100StableSample
97OitaIchimokuhakkeiLandscapeSunny11 hour in Jun70StableSample
98OitaYaba ValleyRiverCloudy13 hour in Jun90StableSample
99OitaMadama CoastOceanClear18 hour in Jun180StableSample
100OitaMadama CoastOceanClear18 hour in Jun110StableSample
101KochiKamegamoriMountainClear14 hour in Nov180StableSample
102KochiKamegamoriMountainClear14 hour in Nov120StableSample
103KochiKamegamoriMountainClear15 hour in Nov120StableSample
104KochiHigashi-KuromoriMountainClear15 hour in Nov120StableSample
105KochiHigashi-KuromoriMountainClear16 hour in Nov180StableSample
106OkinawaKuruma IslandOceanCloudy11 hour in Dec120StableSample
107OkinawaKuruma IslandOceanCloudy12 hour in Dec120StableSample
108OkinawaKuruma IslandOceanCloudy12 hour in Dec150WindySample
109OkinawaIkema IslandGrasslandCloudy11 hour in Dec150StableSample
110OkinawaIrabu IslandGrasslandCloudy14 hour in Dec150StableSample
111OkinawaIrabu IslandRemainsCloudy14 hour in Dec120StableSample
112OkinawaIrabu IslandRemainsCloudy15 hour in Dec120StableSample
113HokkaidoSea of ​​OkhotskDrift IceClear15 hour in Mar120Stable準備中
114HokkaidoSea of ​​OkhotskDrift IceClear15 hour in Mar120Stable準備中
115HokkaidoLake KussharoSnowscapeClear09 hour in Mar120Stable準備中
116HokkaidoLake KussharoSnowscapeClear09 hour in Mar120Stable準備中
117HokkaidoSyariSnowscapeClear10 hour in Mar120StableSample
118HokkaidoIkushinaDrift IceClear12 hour in Mar360Stable準備中
119HokkaidoIkushinaDrift IceClear12 hour in Mar120StableSample
120HokkaidoIkushinaDrift IceClear13 hour in Mar120StableSample
121HokkaidoIkushinaDrift IceClear13 hour in Mar120Stable準備中
122HokkaidoCape NotoriSnowscapeClear16 hour in Mar120StableSample
123KagoshimaKoshiki IslandLandscapeSunny08 hour in Apr180StableSample
124KagoshimaKoshiki IslandLandscapeSunny09 hour in Apr180StableSample
125KagoshimaKoshiki IslandLandscapeFine11 hour in Apr180Increase / decrease light by cloudsSample
126KagoshimaKoshiki IslandCliffFine13 hour in Apr120Stable準備中
127KagoshimaKoshiki IslandLandscapeFine17 hour in Apr120Stable準備中
128KagoshimaKoshiki IslandShrineFine17 hour in Apr120Stable準備中
129KagoshimaKoshiki IslandBridgeCloudy18 hour in Apr120Stable準備中
130KagoshimaKoshiki IslandCoastCloudy09 hour in Apr120Stable準備中
131KagoshimaKoshiki IslandLandscapeCloudy09 hour in Apr120Stable準備中
132KagoshimaKoshiki IslandCoastCloudy10 hour in Apr120Stable準備中
133KagoshimaKoshiki IslandWaterfallCloudy11 hour in Apr120Stable準備中
134KagoshimaKoshiki IslandArtificial objectCloudy12 hour in Apr120Stable準備中
135KagoshimaKoshiki IslandLocksCloudy14 hour in Apr120Stable準備中
136KagoshimaKoshiki IslandBridgeCloudy16 hour in Apr120Stable準備中
137KagoshimaKoshiki IslandLandscapeCloudy17 hour in Apr120Stable準備中
138ToyamaShirahata ShrineShrineCloudy11 hour in Oct120Stable準備中
139GifuChoushi WaterfallWaterfallSunny12 hour in Oct120Stable準備中
140NaganoTakase CanyonCanyonSunny15 hour in Oct120Stable準備中
141NaganoTorii RiverStreamFine12 hour in Oct120Stable準備中
142NiigataSasagamineAutumFine14 hour in Oct120Stable準備中
143NiigataSennin PondAutumSunny15 hour in Oct120Stable準備中
144NiigataNaena WaterfallWaterfallClear16 hour in Oct120Stable準備中
X-01HokkaidoRebun IslandOceanCloudy10 hour in Jun60Old Method問い合わせ
X-02MieAkameWaterfallCloudy15 hour in Nov60Old Method問い合わせ
X-03NagasakiTsushima IslandShrineSunny17 hour in Dec60Old Method問い合わせ
X-04NagasakiIki IslandLocksSunny16 hour in Dec60Old Method問い合わせ
X-05NagasakiIki IslandShrineSunny17 hour in Dec60Old Method問い合わせ
X-06MiyazakiKinchaku IslandLocksClear17 hour in Dec60Old Method問い合わせ
X-07OkinawaYonaguni IslandOceanCloudy17 hour in Feb60Old Method問い合わせ
X-08KagoshimaCape NagasakiOceanSunny15 hour in Jul60Old Method問い合わせ
X-09KagoshimaKoshiki IslandLandscapeClear14 hour in Jul60Old Method問い合わせ
X-10KagoshimaKoshiki IslandLandscapeClear16 hour in Jul60Old Method問い合わせ
X-11KagoshimaKoshiki IslandLandscapeClear18 hour in Jul60Old Method問い合わせ
X-12KagoshimaKoshiki IslandBridgeClear19 hour in Jul60Old Method問い合わせ
X-13MiyazakiKirishimaPoundSunny12 hour in Jul60Old Method問い合わせ
X-14MiyazakiKirishimaLandscapeSunny14 hour in Jul60Old Method問い合わせ
X-15FukushimaByobu-iwaRiverSunny16 hour in Jul60Old Method問い合わせ
X-16GunmaFukiwari WaterfallWaterfallCloudy18 hour in Jul60Old Method問い合わせ
X-17KyotoIneOceanSunny19 hour in Aug60Old Method問い合わせ
X-18TottoriDuneDuneSunny18 hour in Aug60Old Method問い合わせ
X-19.NZTekapo CannalRiverClear11 hour in Sep60Old Method問い合わせ
X-20.NZLake TekapoLakeClear12 hour in Sep60Old Method問い合わせ
X-21.NZMt.JohnLandscapeClear11 hour in Sep60Old Method問い合わせ
X-22.NZMt.JohnLandscapeClear12 hour in Sep60Old Method問い合わせ
X-23.NZLake PukakiRaodClear08 hour in Sep60Old Method問い合わせ
X-24.NZLake TekapoLakeCloudy08 hour in Sep60Old Method問い合わせ
X-25.NZLakeshore TekapoLakeCloudy11 hour in Sep60Old Method問い合わせ
X-26.NZRound HillLandscapeCloudy12 hour in Sep60Old Method問い合わせ
X-27.NZLake AlexisandriaLandscapeClear09 hour in Sep60Old Method問い合わせ
X-28.NZLake AlexisandriaLakeSunny10 hour in Sep60Old Method問い合わせ
X-29.NZLake PukakiLakeClear07 hour in Sep60Old Method問い合わせ
X-30.NZBeachOceanClear08 hour in Sep60Old Method問い合わせ
X-31KochiNikoWaterfallSunny06 hour in Oct60Old Method問い合わせ
X-32EhimeOmoga ValleyValleySunny14 hour in Oct60Old Method問い合わせ
X-33HokkaidoCape EnrumuOceanCloudy16 hour in Oct60Old Method問い合わせ

Clear:Situation with few clouds
Sunny:There are some clouds, but the situation is not over the sun
Fine:It's mostly sunny, but the sun is covered with clouds or not.
Cloudy:The situation where the entire sky is covered with clouds

Stable:There is no change in the amount of light in the scene, and a flat state can be maintained.