Tabi Channel "Nightscape of Japan" Information

#12 | Nightscape of Ishigaki and Hateruma

Ishigaki Island is located in the Yaeyama Islands at the southernmost tip of Japan. In the center of the city, hotels and commercial facilities stand in a forest and are filled with lights. However, just a short distance away from the center of town, the stars in the night sky take over as the main source of light. The sky is covered with stars, and the Milky Way is clearly visible.
For an even more intense starry sky, head to Hateruma Island. Hateruma Island is the southernmost inhabited island in Japan. The lights of the city do not reach this small island in the open sea. At night, complete darkness falls and only the stars shine strongly in the night sky. Lying on your back and looking only at the starry sky, you may feel as if you are drifting in outer space.

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